Penolopeia Crafts was created with the aim of making jewelry for women and men with a unique and special style. Loom has been used since ancient times, in many civilizations. We have adopted this ancient method and we create our items exclusively on the Loom. Penolopeia Crafts is here to passionately represent the contemporary expression of an Ancient Heritage.

The threads shape each piece of jewelry. Passion, imagination, technique, blend harmonicaly so as to produce the original work of art, Penelopeia Loom Woven Bracelets.

Creations of the loom, hence the name that is taken from the Ancient Greek epic poem of 8th century B.C., Homer’s Odyssey. Penelopeia (Πηνελόπεια), in English “Penelope”, is the wife of Odysseus, the Greek hero of the glorious Mediterranean adventure.

Jewelry complete the image of each one’s personal history.